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A Review of the Watts Online Trading System for Trading Commodities, Forex Currency Trading, Online Stocks, Futures or Options Trading and Scalp, Day or Swing Trading any Market Successfully

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What sets the Watts Trading System for, for the swing or day trader, apart from the rest of the trading strategies, forex trading software and day trading systems for day traders and the forex currency trader above and more out there is the price. It took us a while to figure out that indeed in the day trading of forex, commodities or stocks business, you get more for a lesser price and vice versa. The Watts Trading System for stocks, currencies, commodities or online forex trading by Ryan Watts of the Watts Trading Group is a complete trading  method and system that works very well in any market. It is very well designed using well defined principles of technical analysis that are very useful to the online trader engaged in online day trading. It not only gives and teaches you the trading signals it generates , but also includes the other two extremely important aspects of the online trading profession. They are the psychological aspect of online day trading and the training or mentoring aspect which comes in the form of Ryan Watts himself and his Free Live Trading Chat Room. The last Online Day Trading System we tried was the overpriced and worthless ES Divergence Day Trading System sold by Neil Corke a.k.a. David Cooper or Chris Lawrence and Matthew Kean , who in our humble opinion, are vendors and not traders themselves. That was the final straw that brought our search for the Trading Systems or Method Holy Grail to an end. That is when we decided to just stick with the Watts Trading System and learn how to trade stocks, futures, commodities, currencies and forex from a professional trader and make it work for us. If all stocks, futures, commodities or forex currency trading systems did work so well there would be no discretionary traders left who in our opinion are the very successful ones in the online trading business. The key to day or swing trading success lies in reading the market well and anticipating its next move as taught with the Watts Method rather than blindly following some lagging indicators that are based off past price action alone.

We, at Invicta Trader believe that online swing, day or scalp trading should be kept as simple as possible. That is because it is so highly emotionally charged that you need to make as few trading decisions as possible when the time to execute an online trade comes around. We have bought and traded quite a few stocks, commodities, forex currency and futures trading systems ourselves and researched and received ample reviews and feedback on many more out there from fellow traders on systems such as Trading Concepts by Todd Mitchell, Right Angle Trading, ES Divergence Day Trading System sold by Neil Corke and Matthew Kean, Options Trading University, The Watts Trading System, Instant Profits by Profits Run Inc., Super Divergence Blueprint, Forex Profit Accelerator, ETF Profit Driver and Quantum Swing Trader by Bill Poulos, Vector Vest Inc., Forex Profit Pro, Traders International, RS of Houston, Rockwell Trading, Trade The Markets etc. to be able to rate the Watts Trading System as an all around winner which we use ourselves in our daily consistently profitable online scalp trading. In all fairness, the only other system that we have heard is pretty good and similar to the Watts System, even though it is very expensive, would be the one from Todd Mitchell of Trading Concepts Inc. The Watts Trading System is very versatile and robust and will work in any market and time frame including the FOREX market. It is developed by a professional day trader who actually uses it to trade stock futures for a living himself. It is, in our humble opinion, the best day trading software or system that we found in our search of trading systems. He makes his living by trading and not by selling the system. He makes it available for those who are willing to work hard and succeed at online stock, commodities, futures or forex currency trading. He makes himself available in his Free Live Trading Chat Room for anyone willing to master the online trading system he developed and become a better online trader.

One thing we did find out while starting out in the business of  online futures trading, commodities trading, forex currencies trading and online stock trading is that most online trading system vendors are not traders and top traders are not trading system vendors either. Those who sell expensive online trading systems have their own self interest ahead of the trading system buyers in our humble opinion. It will be really rare to see vendors of expensive online day trading systems trade the systems themselves. If they have such a good online trading system that works and makes a ton of money then why not share it with fellow traders at cost or for free or even just trade it themselves rather than put a hefty price tag on it? It took us a while to realize our own mistakes while walking down the same beaten down path taken by so many fellow losing day traders that the best advice you can get in the online trading business can literally be free and still make you very successful at it. We encourage you to try the Watts Trading System if you truly want to succeed at day or swing trading. All it costs is less than two E-Mini S&P points. We feel it is worth a lot more with all the extras that come with it including the very valuable time, skill and experience of Ryan Watts, the developer of the Watts Online Trading System itself.

Please do yourself a favor and visit the Watts Trading Group site by clicking here before you spend a dime of your hard earned money on any other expensive systems out there. We feel that it is the best day or swing trading system out there as far as value for money well spent goes. It is a perfect fit for our online trading needs and is also a great compliment to any trader’s forex trading, online commodity trading and currency trading (Futures Contracts) needs in our humble opinion. Trading Currencies or Commodities Trading  can also help take the stress away from simply trading stocks online. You can also visit the Forex Peace Army website to read more reviews on the various trading systems being offered out there. And if you are still not convinced and want to continue your search for the Trading Holy Grail, feel free to do so. We have been down that path too. Feel free to compare what other traders, trading vendors or Trading Groups are offering. We found the most value in what Ryan has to offer.

Good Luck with your Trading Journey.

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